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Causes of shaking of vibrating screens and the measures to be taken


Vibrating screen in the normal operation, due to the various characteristics of the material, different shapes will produce a variety of forms of mesh blockage. The main reasons for the blockage are as follows:

1, containing a large number of particles close to the separation point;

2, the material moisture content is high;

3, spherical particles or sieve with a multi-contact material;

4, static electricity will occur;

5, the material has a fiber material;

6, more flaky particles;

7, weaving sieve wire through the thick;

8, rubber mesh and other thicker mesh, hole-shaped design is unreasonable, did not reach the next small, leaving the particles stuck. Because most of the material particles that need to be sieved are irregular, the cause of the clog is also varied.

In order to effectively prevent the shaker screen plug, should be taken for the reasons for the above reasons:

1, when the material particle size is thin, mud content is more, and the sieving particle size is small, the water on the screen blockage on the decisive role.

2, when the material is greater than 5% of the water, if the unconditional drying of the material, should be screen surface, sieve for targeted selection.

3, when the water is greater than 8%, should be wet screening.

4, the flaky particles more material, you need to change the material crushing methods and different crushing process with the size of the match.

Reasonable adjustment of the screen tension is to reduce the screen plugging an effective way, reasonable tension to make the screen with the support? Produce a slight secondary vibration, which effectively reduce the occurrence of plugging phenomenon, the specific approach is, The tension hook made of constant tension tension mechanism, that is, in the tension bolts on the installation of spring.

Shaker as a non-standard device For most vibration equipment users, the vibrating screen may be in the user's equipment is not really any major equipment; but the vibration sieve failure frequency is higher than the traditional power mechanical products, because the vibration equipment itself Is a kind of vibration destruction of the scientific use of a product. For the traditional machinery equipment vibration means that the occurrence of signs of failure, and vibration equipment is precisely through the vibration to complete the work required for the purpose and requirements of a product. Although the vibration industry is committed to the design and research of the anti-destructive optimization of the vibration equipment itself, the failure of the vibration equipment is frequent. And the vibrating screen is often arranged in the user's production process throat parts, iron ore dryer, once the vibrating screen failure, will lead to the entire production system linkage parking, to the user a significant loss of production. For mining, coal, metallurgical enterprises, such as a sudden stop repair day, then direct production loss of less than tens of thousands, as many as hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. To avoid such phenomena occur, the user only keep abreast of the operation of the vibrating screen, timely detection of hidden trouble ahead of time to do maintenance arrangements.