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Mobile crushing station to speed up the rhythm of construction waste


With the continuous acceleration of urbanization process, along with the construction of garbage is also increasing, there are related media research analysis, according to the prospective industry research institute estimates, in 2014, China's construction waste production has reached 1.786 billion tons, China's architectural decoration Construction waste reached 111 million tons. And construction landfill pressure and environmental pressure is also gradually increased, so dealing with construction waste is a must on the constitution of the emergency.

At present, China's construction waste disposal methods are two categories:

First, the new construction waste dumping sites, the construction waste buried or dumped to a fixed place;

Second, the construction waste recycling resources, the construction waste broken, graded after the preparation of slag, recycled aggregate, recycled sand, recycled plate brick and other building materials, once again applied to the construction project.

Mobile crushing station

Reconstruction of construction waste is certainly the main way to deal with construction waste in the future because it can solve a large number of waste land and pollution problems, and can create certain value, and can reduce the development of mine resources and resources to protect some mountains and ecology surroundings.

Mobile crushing and screening station is one of the most commonly used equipment for building waste regeneration. It is free to move, has high flexibility and convenience, can be used in construction waste, local use, and can be used in a lot of The construction waste disposal of the site reflects the advantages of highly motorized.

Shandong extraordinary mechanical production of mobile crushing station has a variety of models, for construction waste for coarse crushing, crushing, sanding, screening, to free combination, to build a complete set of broken production lines, so aggregate, sand full grain regeneration. Mobile crusher are used in the national standard floor, through the car jaw broken, impact crusher, shaker and other equipment can be completed construction waste, ore crushing and screening operations.